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RINGSTED DUN is a part of DYKON, Denmark. Founded in 1947, the company is now the leading manufacturer of down comforters and pillows in Northern Europe.

All of Scandinavia's feather processing competence has been brought together in 2.5 acres production premises in Lunderskov, where the old, conventional craftsmanship of processing down and feather to become the most beautiful, the purest and most luxurious natural product, is nurtured and promoted.

The company has its own EDFA certified laboratory to measure and test the quality of down and feathers. It is the largest and most advanced of its kind in Nothern Europe. This ensures that all raw materials comply with the strict standards and requirements.

Why Ringsted Dun? See for yourself...

  • Ringsted controls the entire processing chain: with its own factory with washing, drying, sorting of down and feathers, including its own laboratory to ensure a very high, uniform quality of all products. Only cruelty-free down and feathers are being used.
    All quilts and pillows from Ringsted Dun are manufactured without the use of harmful substances and chemicals. For this reason, Ringsted Dun was one of the first quilt manufacturers in the world to be certified to the internationally-recognized Oeko-Tex Standard 100. 

  • Did you know that down and feathers can be labeled in three classes under the EN 12934 standard? Ringsted only uses new down and feathers of the highest quality (Class I). The other two classes are for inferior qualities. IF there is no information on "class", therefore, the product in question might be Class III. Class III permits the use of more than 15% recycled down/feathers from old products that other people have slept in.
  • Ringsted down products carry the NOMITE lable. The NOMITE brand confirms that bedding articles displaying the mark fit for house dust mite allergy sufferers.
  • Ringsted is monitored by the Danish Institute for Informative Labeling (DVN).
  • The Downafresh label is a special labeling system developed for European manufacturers of natural fills and natural fill products. It also guarantees a clean product of very high quality. Handling of fills and manufacturing are according to the rigid guidelines of the European standard EN 12934.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: as a Danish company, RINGSTED DUN is a member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative), a European initiative aimed at improving social conditions and reducing environmental impact . The BSCI is the European monitoring and control system for business ethics and social responsibility. RINGSTED DUN therefore plays an active role in combating child labour, discrimination and slave labour, and ensuring compliance with minimum pay and conditions. The BSCI is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.
  • ANIMAL WELFARE - Sleep with a clear conscience: we encourage you, as a consumer, to ask for a guarantee that no down and feathers plucked from live ducks and geese have been used in the duvet you buy. RINGSTED DUN does not accept feathers and down fr om birds that are plucked alive. And they always ask for a written guarantee from their suppliers that their down does not come from live birds or force-fed foie gras geese and ducks. The filling of RINGSTED DUN products come exclusively from industrially slaughtered birds.
  • Ringsted Dun focuses on the environment and sustainability and is a GREEN FACTORY: large parts of their products are made from sustainable and environmentally friendly natural materials. The factory's consumption of water and energy varies depending on how busy they are. Dykon is introducing ongoing initiatives that contribute to lower consumption of water, natural gas and electricity. In this way even a lower CO2 consumption is ensured.
  • All Ringsted Dun products are made in Denmark: we use the “Made in Denmark” label to indicate that we show respect for traditional, Danish handicraft in the production that is so important for maintaining the high quality level of Ringsted's duvets and pillows.