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     Scandinavian down pillows, certified:
  • NO formaldehyde (can cause allergies and was added by the US to the list of carcinogens)
  • NO heavy metals (can cause eczema and damage internal organs and the central nervous system)
  • NO pesticides (can affect the nervous system, internal organs and fertility)
  • NO aromatic hydrocarbons (perfume allergies and disorders of the nervous system)
  • GUARANTEES that the down product cannot harbor house dust mites
  • produced in a GREEN FACTORY
  • made with cruelty free harvested down and feathers

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Pillow Eurosize 80x80cm Scandinavian Goose Down Pillow Scandinavian Goose Down Pillow King Size
Scandinavian Down Pillow Small / Travel Pillow 16x24" *on back order* white pillow case 31x31 80x80cm white pillow case standard size 50x70
white stripes pillow cases white striped pillow case pillow case king size 20x35
german pillow case 31x31 inches white german pillow case 31x31 inches silber german pillow case 31x31 inches grey
german pillow case 31x31 inches off white custom made pillow cases oeko tex white pillow case 40x45cm
pillow case white stripes white pillow case 40x60cm