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A good night's sleep is the best you can offer your children after an active day. That is why RINGSTED DUN has created a range of down products especially developed for children - all MADE IN DENMARK.

All children's down comforter and pillows are made of 100% natural products with unique properties when it comes to insulation and absorption of perspiration. They are filled with nice European duck or goose down with a fill power of over 600, in super-cambric 100% cotton covers.

All RINGSTED products are certified in accordance with the strictest Oeko-tex 100 standard, class I, ensuring that they do not contain harmful substances like formaldehyde residue. In other words: the products are allowed to come into direct contact with a child's delicate skin. They are Downafresh certified to ensure that the filling is properly cleaned.

NOMITE certified: one of the most important factors for developing asthma and allergies is the house dust mite. By selecting washable down comforters and pillows with a natural fill and a closely woven fabric, you give house dust mites the worst possible growth conditions - and you children the best.

ANIMAL WELFARE - sleep with a clear conscience: we encourage you, as a consumer, to ask for a guarantee that no down and feathers plucked from live ducks and geese have been used in the duvet you buy. RINGSTED does not accept feathers and down from birds that are plucked alive. And they always ask for a written guarantee from their suppliers that their down does not come from live birds or force-fed foie gras geese and ducks.

It is important for a company to consider how we behave, in a world constantly changing. RINGSTED works with animal welfare, environment, work environment amongst other, so that you can sleep with a clear conscience.

Infant safety: for babies under 12 months, the CPSC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institute of Child and Health Development recommend to remove all pillows and quilts from cribs and beds. For more information please refer to
We strongly recommend that you do NOT allow babies to sleep with a down comforter, pillow or featherbed or any products bought from Pinkandbluekid, LLC. We will not knowingly sell a down or bedding product that will be used by an infant.

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Children's down comforter children's goose down comforter Scandinavian Duck Down Summer Comforter
Scandinavian Toddler Duck Down Pillow duck down comforter medium scandinavian duck children down comforter
duvet cover twin size 140x200cm 55x79" white Scandinavian Down Pillow JUNIOR/TODDLER 16x24" duvet cover twin size 140x220cm 55x87"

duvet cover twin standard oeko tex duvet cover twin size 140x200cm 55x79" german duvet cover 135x200cm Ruby
german duvet cover 135x200cm german duvet cover 135x200cm toddler duvet cover dog

toddler duvet cover toddler duvet cover cat german duvet cover 135x200cm owl
Duvet Cover Set BIRDIES

german duvet cover 135x200cm denim german duvet cover 135x200cm zen duvet cover twin size 135x200cm 53x79" white

german duvet cover 135x200cm german duvet cover 135x200cm grey turquoise princess duvet cover
German Duvet Cover Princess Lillifee pirate duvet cover captn sharky duvet cover
captn sharky duvet cover duvet cover children modern toddler duvet cover