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Treat yourself with the finest pillows from Scandinavia, form the

Choose from different fills and sizes.

Sleep with a clear conscience.

Filled with duck and goose down and feathers from humanely raised animals. All of our down pillows are Oeko Tex Class 1, Nomite and Downafresh Greenline certified.

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Pillow Eurosize 80x80cm Scandinavian Goose Down Pillow white pillow case 31x31 80x80cm
white pillow case standard size 50x70 Scandinavian Goose Down Pillow King Size pillow case king size 20x35
custom made pillow cases oeko tex toddler junior pillow OekoTex Scandinavian Down Pillow Small / Travel Pillow 16x24"
white stripes pillow cases white striped pillow case white pillow case 40x45cm
pillow case white stripes white pillow case 40x60cm